The Medella approach

Our rigorous manufacturing process meets the
highest quality standards from start to finish, so you can trust that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.

Committed to quality

Our top priority is ensuring that our products promote your well-being. Every product is scientifically crafted by medical professionals and expert formulators using the highest quality ingredients. Once the product is formulated for maximum efficacy, it undergoes a rigorous trial process. After which, we run quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process in U.S. FDA-approved cGMP facilities. This passion for delivering quality, clinically proven products inspired a group of pharmacists and executives to launch Medella Springs Healthcare in 2019 and continue our commitment to quality.

Ingredient selection

We focus on quality and premium proprietary ingredients, ensuring consistency in each batch. Premium ingredients aid in the formulation process to create synergy, a critical part of our development to maximize efficacy.


Our formulation experts – biochemists, research scientists, and pharmacists – focus on creating synergy with our ingredients. They consider the benefits of combining ingredients rather than one stand-alone benefit.

They ensure one ingredient doesn’t cancel out the effects of another and that the key ingredients have high bioavailability – the highest proportion of ingredients the body will absorb and assimilate – so almost nothing goes to waste.

Clinical trials

We support our claims with scientific evidence. We run the highest quality clinical in vivo (human) trials, reviewed by our research team.

We put out a call for participants to ensure we meet the needs of our customers by fulfilling our claims. After extensive laboratory testing, the volunteers test our products – not just the ingredients – before we make anything widely available.

If you’re interested in our research, studies are available upon request.

Manufacturer selection

The selection of our manufacturers follows strict criteria. Each facility must be FDA-certified. The FDA periodically inspects these facilities to ensure they follow current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Adherence to these regulations ensures our products’ quality, strength, and purity through carefully controlled manufacturing operations.

These regulations also ensure that we aren’t adding too much or too little of an ingredient, further validating the testing of our formulation experts. Variability can be dangerous, so we prioritize strict adherence to these regulations in our manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Manufacturing analysis

We run quality assurance at every stage of production; we don’t wait until a product is ready to ship.

Before we even begin, we monitor the purity and quality of ingredients in our ingredient selection. Once formulated and ready for production, we run more tests. Throughout the manufacturing process, we validate for consistency.

Customer satisfaction

From ingredient selection through the manufacturing process, our approach centers around validating that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.

We never sacrifice quality for cost. But, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied, contact us for a full refund.

*If you’re a retailer we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

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