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Our commitment to patient outcomes goes beyond our line of products. We aim to build strategic partnerships with community pharmacies and other healthcare professionals to help improve treatment options.
We developed the Companion Care Counseling (CCC) program to further our commitment and contribution to community. This program offers independent pharmacists complementary tools to help improve patient care while growing the front and back of store profitability. Companion Care Counseling focuses on three key areas: patient advocacy, enhancing patient outcomes, and increasing store traffic and sales.

Patient advocacy

Companion Care Counseling shows healthcare professionals how to maximize patient care by systematically focusing on the patientís lifestyle, treatment regimens, and the prescriptive and OTC products that help support them. We help establish the pharmacist as the patientís healthcare advocate, which naturally builds trust and lifelong relationships that canít be matched by a big box retail store.

Improved treatment options

The Companion Care Counseling program helps independent pharmacists leverage their status as the most trusted healthcare professionals by giving them the tools to engage patients better and make healthcare recommendations. Our program offers improved product solutions with clear patient outcomes while avoiding the side effects common with many prescription drugs.

Increased store traffic

Pharmacies that actively participate in the CCC program demonstrate significant increases in-store traffic that results in sales and profit growth. It starts with MSH products delivering higher sales and margins, and CCC has been shown to increase all product sales while strengthening the pharmacist-to-patient relationship.

Healthier patients, healthier pharmacies

The Companion Care Counseling program helps pharmacists improve patient care and reduce patient risk. The program also increases customer traffic and margins, and capitalizes on best practices.

These tools lead to better results for your patients and your business, allowing you to leverage what you do best Ė patient counseling.

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