Mega-Strain Probiotic + Prebiotic

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Rebalances your digestive tract with naturally beneficial bacteria.

  • Boosted formula with 50 billion CFU of active microflora
  • Multiple bile- and acid-resistant strains
  • No refrigeration required
Restores the gut biome

Restores the gut biome

Boosts immune function

Boosts immune function

Reduces discomfort

Reduces intestinal discomfort


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Bought the Mega-Strain Probiotic + Prebiotic at my local health store. They are very high quality no fillers and they get rid of the foul flatulence that come with gorging sugar over the holiday season. Keeps me regular too.

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The Mega-Strain Probiotic + Prebiotic, recommended by my gastroenterologist, has helped my system to function more effectively.


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